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Production Fitter

per year
37.25 / per week - Full-Time


Job Purpose

Responsible for constructing high precision machines from raw materials to fully functioning systems and ensuring all test and commissioning checks have been completed to the recognised standard in a timely manner. Support the Engineering department with testing, commissioning, and product development.


Main duties and responsibilities include:

  Assembly and fitting of high precision mechanical assemblies

  Ensuring all machine wiring is completed in accordance with company ISO 9001/European and company   standards

  Undertaking testing on all products to ensure compliance with recognised standards and appropriate safety   regulations

    Commissioning products to ensure full working functionality is achieved to the required standards

   Prioritising work to meet production timetable and deadlines

   Timely collection of production kits from Stores to facilitate machine production in accordance with agreed deadlines

   Ensuring machine compliance specification testing is undertaken which ensures product meets required standard

   Timely reporting to Purchasing Department of faulty parts and inspection failures

   Completing all appropriate documentation to the required standards

     Ensuring all work undertaken complies with company standards in the areas of technical specification, functionality, quality and risk limitation

    Maintaining detailed technical knowledge of all company products, including third party equipment

        Complying with all health and safety requirements and safe operating practices operated by the company and client

     Providing technical information and assistance to other departments as necessary

      Keeping benches and work area clean, tidy and free from health and safety hazards.


Person Specification


FEATURE                                                                ESSENTIAL                                             DESIRABLE


O.N.C. Mechanical Engineering / or acceptable lower qualification with relevant experience


Apprenticeship in Engineering


Industrial Electro/Mechanical background




Precision Electro/Mechanical Engineering organisation


Semiconductor industry experience



Precision mechanical and understanding of electronics

Appreciation of software


ISO 9001



Fault finding

Testing procedures

Problem solving

Ability to prioritise

Analytical skills




Able to work full time and some additional hours when necessary




Cheerful outlook and disposition

Team player

Sense of humour, patient and tolerant nature




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