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Digital Marketing Trainer

25-30K DOE
37.5 - 40 / per week - Full-Time
Solihull ,

Job Purpose:

To deliver the highest quality end to end support and training to learners within Digital Marketing, mainly the Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, but in addition, some bespoke Digital Marketing programmes. Trainers are required to support embedding Functional Skills into learning, but not delivering training or exam support. An additional Functional Skills trainer is allocated to all learners, but trainers have the overall responsibility of the learners’ apprenticeship.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Quality of Curriculum and delivery – Intent, Implementation, Impact
  • Planning, delivering, and evidencing 20% off the job hours all times
  • On programme learner progress and milestones
  • Outcomes and progressions for learners
  • Timely completion and retention
  • Impact for employers and the local communities
  • Learner and employer satisfaction
  • ESFA and Ofsted EIF compliance

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

- To develop a clear understanding of Siamo Trainings projects, funding streams, timings, and planned outcomes, to ensure that both the profiled project outcomes and outputs are achieved and in relation to your own set targets.


-You will live by and promote the company values of Honesty, Respect, Accountability and Passion at all times.


-To commit to and apply your own CPD ensuring that skills, competencies, and subject knowledge remains current


-To always follow Ofsted EIF and ESFA guidelines and compliance


-To ensure that the focus of the delivery is always around the learner learning new skills and the EPA process. To include mock EPA throughout and support final mock prior to gateway readiness.


- To participate in regular observations of TLA by Line Manager & regular standardisation meetings with IQA 


-To plan for training using current Institute for Apprenticeship Assessment Plans, End Point Assessment guidelines as well as individually for learner and employer needs, including the planning of off the job hours against the KSB’s. To include the employer in this planning.


-To deliver the highest quality interactive training, workshops, and subject demonstrations, adapting to suit online or face to face, as needed.


-To write and support delivery of projects and tasks that allow learners to robustly embed their learning into their roles and impact their progression, the employer’s growth, and the wider community.


-To coach, assess and support learners with their practical elements of apprenticeship application


-To deliver one to one sessions with each learner, monthly or more frequently if required to ensure that learner support is individualised and supporting their own growth, development and progression opportunities


-To review and feedback learner progress regularly in ways that the learner can understand where they have improved or where they need to improve against the ILP and Assessment Plan milestones.  This includes ongoing LIVE feedback within sessions and within formal reviews every 10 weeks. To include employers and line managers in this process.


- Liaise effectively with all relevant partners and any other stakeholders including our Employers, our Primes and Funding Bodies, Colleges, Universities, other Training Providers, and community support.


- Undertake an administrative role ensuring that all contractual and compliance requirements are of the highest standard, maintaining records both electronically for tracking and manually for audit trail and dealing with all client correspondence and evidence for the projects. This includes paper based and Smart Assessor Tracking.


- To ensure that all Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement frameworks are followed and adhered to.


- Ensure that all paperwork, tracking, and evidence is submitted accurately and in a timely manner in advance of all claim dates/deadlines


- To ensure that you apply all of the above with practical application of Siamo Trainings policies around Safeguarding, Prevent, GDPR, Data Protection and Security, Equality and Diversity, Confidentiality, Health and Safety and all other policies


- Work flexibly to support Siamo Training projects by working as a team and doing whatever may be necessary to achieve set targets within timelines. You will be required to carry out any other duties that may be required at the request of your line manager




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